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The length of the island coastline is 81km. The steep and rocky coasts are interrupted very often by beautiful beaches while reefs and islets decorate the sea in many of them. The golden sand, the pebbles and the crystal clear turquoise water compose the landscape of Mykonos’ beaches each of which has its own color and individuality.

The most famous and popular during the summer months beaches are located on the south side of the island. Most difficult to reach and perhaps calmer are the north. Most of them are accessible by car and by sea if you wish. As for the "unknown" ones, to the general public, they invite you to discover them with daily trips with tenders and traditional watercrafts both in Mykonos and in Rhenia.

From the approximately 34 known and accessible beaches that Mykonos has, 13 are organized with umbrellas and sunbeds, and a lifeguard. These are the beaches Agios Stefanos, Agios Ioannis, Ornos, Platis Gialos, Psarou, Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari, Elia, Kalo Livadi, Kalafatis and Panormos.

The closest to the old port of the traditional village is Agia Anna, which welcomes the tourists and the locals for a quick swim.

Close to the town, there are two beaches that make you travel far away: In North and West Agios Stefanos, one from the first beaches of Mykonos used to accept the frequent visitors during the summer overlooking the island of Rhenia and Houlakia one of the most rare beaches in the world. The beach is a natural monument of particular importance because it consists of large pebbles that give it a particular physiognomy.

West of the traditional village, there is the beach Megali Ammos, imposing and always willing to entertain you, it is located just one step away from the south side of town. It is ideal for all the hours and for those who love playing with the waves. It’s white sand, the dreamy sunsets and a tavern that looks like it came out from the past with authentic tastes, good wine or ouzo, will complete the delight of the day.

South of the island, you will discover some dreamy destinations, by car or by boat. The beach Agios Ioannis is west of the country, always unique, overlooking the sacred island of Delos. Next to it is located the beautiful beach Kapari, surrounded by rocks and endowed with turquoise sea and the most dreamy sunset as the sun disappears into the sea.

Four kilometers away from the town, there is the beach Korfos, a bay with shallow water, is a favorite beach for those who love wind sports. South of Korfos, there is the beach Ornos, which beckons you to follow it in the sheltered bay and promises all the comforts, with its "endless blue" it constitutes the ‘must’ of the beach for the locals the and visitors.

Psarou is a genuine cosmopolitan beach which is located ahead of you on the road to Platis Yialos. It is an organized beach with turquoise water and two different characters depending on the side you choose. It’s east side challenges you to get to know it’s calm character and enjoy the tastes of "Psarou beach" with ingredients from local melon fields. It also has a parking. The access is easier by motorbike mainly during the peak months. You can also use the bus to Platis Gialos starting from Fabrica that has regular routes.

Platis Gialos is one of the most crowded beaches of Mykonos. It has a beautiful sandy shore, many hotels as well as many restaurants and cafes.

In the east, Paraga, is a vivid, organized and internationally known beach, which will dance with you on the fine sand. Here you will enjoy unique cocktails at Sueno as the day goes away and the most lucky will find themselves slinking in one of the parties that are often organized. Agia Anna is close to Paraga and seems like her little sister, a little bit quieter, but equally beautiful with a traditional tavern on the sand.

Just 5.5km far from Mykonos Town, there is Kalamopodi known as Paradise that satisfies the holiday lovers with dancing rhythm, in its clear water and the internationally known Cavo Paradiso, which odors in the northern end point. The public transport is regular by bus 24 hours a day.

And since a paradise is never enough if you can go by car or by boat, one can be carried in the second paradise. Plintri or otherwise Super Paradise, combines music, exotic water and a lively mood all day long, since the 70s. There is public transport by bus whilst you can reach by boat starting from Ornos and Platis Gialos.

A bay eastwards and the landscape changes. Agrari which is more isolated and quiet than the cosmopolitan beaches of Mykonos, is 8km away from the town.

Further to the east there is Elia. It competes with Ftelia to be the largest beach of Mykonos. With strong tourist development Elia is another crowded beach of Mykonos, friendly to gay, it has turquoise water and a lifeguard.

Just ten kilometers away from the town there is the clear blue beach Kalo Livadi, having fine golden sand, it challenges you to dive in its sea and live moments of absolute relaxation.

Southeast, you will find Kalafatis, a beach with an unaffected glow, more than ready to fill you with vividness for all kinds of games, in and out of the water. Exactly next to it is the beach Agia Anna, located in the "neck" of the picturesque Divounia or " Breasts of Aphrodite" as are called by the locals. The Kalafatis beach is also known for its diving center and windsurfing center in front of the beach.

Lia is 9.5km away from the town of Mykonos and it is the last of the southern beaches that are accessible by car. Here the pebble bind to the coarse sand just like you do with the sun and the sea.

The Northern beaches of the island, which are less cosmic and on rough road network, complete appropriately the palette of the golden beaches of Mykonos. Among them, are the beaches Fokos with its wild beauty, Myrsini and Merchia with pebbles and sand.

The beach Panormos that has rapidly developed in recent years and the quiet beach Agios Sostis on the edge of the Bay of Panormos, dare you to explore them. Ftelia, which is 5.5km away from the town and confirms the designation of Mykonos "island of winds", is an appropriate "meeting point" for surfers. On the hill above the beach there are remains of a Neolithic settlement.

The beaches and the natural coves never end in this island. The most important is that each beach has its own beauty, leaving the nature lovers, the lovers of water sports, the visitors with yachts and every kind of modern travelers fascinated.

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